Dark Pursuit - The Lost Shinmahs, by Kevan Dinn

About the author:
Kevan Dinn wanted to do something different, creative and satisfying after years of corporate life that took him around the world. Through that desire was born a fantasy world, and this book, the first of a four-part series.

My thoughts on the book:
Fantasy is a genre that I love to read. This book was different because firstly, it was a Kindle copy and secondly, it took me longer than I expected because of various problems.

The book tells the tale of Adoy, who along with his parents, belong to a group of people who have mental powers. These people, the Shinmah, number few, and the dark warlord Khomer sets out to destroy those lost shinmah. This leads to Adoy and his parents returning to Liguanea for him to learn how to use that facility.

What I like in any book is the pace of narration. It should be quick enough to keep the reader’s attention and interest going. This book had that, and the language was good, which helped bring the characters and setting to life in my imagination. I liked the concept actually, it had some childlike influences too, like naming of swords and weapons. Reminded me of my childhood when I used to name soft toys and toy guns etc. The new world created definitely makes me eager to read more of the series. And the ending gives hope that a lot more is to come.

What I didn’t like was directness, not in the narration but in the characters. It seems they are who they are, nothing more. Some parts seem rushed through, but when it is a fiction of this length, I guess that’s something we can adjust with. But I hope the other 3 parts are a little more complete, a little more descriptive when it comes to characters.

Overall, an enjoyable book, and I hope it gets a publishing deal. It deserves to be in print, and it’d make it more enjoyable to read, atleast for me.

My rating: 7.5/10

Book details:
Title: Dark Pursuit – The Lost Shinmah
Author: Kevan Dinn
Type: Kindle e-Book
Genre: Fantasy

Reviewed by Leo

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  1. Naice...there's always room for more fantasy anyway!
    And kudos on being one of the (very few) reviewers who still manage to put in an appearance on the site!


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