Power Play [- the game is on ] by Parinda Joshi

One man. One team. One game. Or not?

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I have not read many books set in corporate structure , none from an Indian set up, so this book was a sort of first for me. And I am glad this book did nothing to discourage me to read more books on similar lines. Another fear I had before reading this book was that I might not be interested much in the sports side of the story as it appeared from the synopsis but gals, be assured , the book is not going to let your attention waver any time you pick this up [ unless of course you must pause your reading ].

PowerPlay opens with introducing the readers to Vivek Garewal , the youngest and most successful VP of a consulting firm that specializes is acquisition services to various businessmen and industries. Vivek had always wanted to work in sports and finally sees an opportunity with a poor performing IGL team that needs lot of help if it has to regain its fans and recover losses too. Keya is a part of the marketing team for IGL and as stars would have intended , her paths cross with Vivek but not in a friendly way. A lot of twist and some orchestrated events later , they begin seeing each other for reasons other than work.Controlling the moves in the firm is the new owner Harsh and a lot of characters that hold the cards to the fate of this deal and people involved with the team, none of whom looks out of place or wasted one bit.

The narration of the book is even paced , sounds true for each event and the plot neither is too simple , nor too complex for a reader. The book gives you a good picture of the "games" that are played in boardrooms and the look of it from different angles  , as seen by different players in there. How every one plays with his own rules and for different reasons , fitting all of it into one performing model is something that can keep any one on the edge.

What i felt missing in the book was the clarity between Keya and Vivek's relation. It was clear that both being from different worlds , having different views and habits would have issues being together but the issues were never given a good base or closure. There were times I felt there could have been another conversation or another few lines about their feelings.

Keeping that aside ( since it doesn't take much pages ) , Powerplay is an engaging read. A satisfying story with a genuine plot and a well written story.

Rating : 4/5

Pages: 300
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
Published: May 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 9788172344573


  1. This does sound like it has some real-life inspirations no?
    Or maybe that's my imagination running wild?!

  2. you never know ! it does sound real sort and thats what i liked about it :)


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