Romi and Gang by Tushar Raheja

Two years back , when we started this site , I had to review Tushar's first book "Anything for you Ma'm" and I had such a hard time finishing it. I do not know what I was expecting from this book , but this one , Lets say this one just warmed not just my heart but my very soul.

The cover , the book size , the plot .. It all takes you to your summer vacation days when you read Hardy boys ( yeah , I always love them more than any other fictional teens ) , Famous five , Arabian nights or Panchtantra ..

Romi and gang is the story of 4 boys - Romi , Sukhi , Sunny & Golu . Classmates , best friends , brothers , team mates .. call them anything , but you will always find that connected spirits and eyes full of hopes and dreams. Connected strongly by their love for cricket and their equal capabilities in the game , this book is a story of their life in the small town Mauji , their school , parents , teachers they love , teachers they hate and some who do not like them the same.

It is no coming of age sort of book with extreme life scenarios but the beauty of the book lies in depicting how even the smallest changes , the smallest events and the words of our well wishers change a child's heart and outlook for his own life. almost every event in the book made me think of my school days or my brother's and many stories my friends have told of school. no character was out of place or out of his mind either !

I love Romi's dad and Victor sir for being the ideal parent and guardian to these kids and to teach them how to believe in their dreams.

Kim is another mysterious character about whom you would want to know more and yet the enigma kind of adds to the book's charm.

I smiled , laughed , called my brother to tell about this book and finally I felt a lump in my throat when I reached the end. No, it is not a sad end , i am just too emotional with such books ok !

Rating : 5/5



  1. That is a great comeback by Tushar Raheja I guess. I hated his first book. I will surely get this one a try someday

  2. totally worth it Pulkit !!
    Loved this one ..


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