#BookReview: The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

The Flatshare
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I have always loved stories that flow as messages - letters , emails , texts and here it were mostly post-it notes.

Tiffy & Leon enter an unusual arrangement - To share a flat.  Tiffy would get to use the flat when Leon is away working the night shifts and spending weekends with his girlfriend.  Tiffy gets a nice place to stay at a cheap price and Leon really needs the cash to help his brother. Since they do not meet each other , they start communjcation through the post-it notes for each other and soon the flat is all covered with these colorful messages and notes.

The book starts a little erratic because of the changing narration POV.  The author makes the reader believe in Leon's personality which will not be writing full sentences. He is a introvert guy and it reflects in his inner monologues and the messages he writes. Tiffy on the other is artistic , bright one with a really quirky wardrobe ,weirder decoration items for the flat and her messages are long and detailed and sometimes doodled too. I think this contrast makes their conversations more fun and real to read.

Gradually we see that behind the vibrant persona , Tiffy struggles with her insecurities and a stalkerish Ex who has hurt her real bad. The fact that his opinion still has a hold on this wonderful girl was so sad to read. Leon is very understanding and accommodating boyfriend material but is he in a good relationship is questionable. Then there is his brother's story that adds the drama to this book.

Overall I really enjoyed this love story that was indeed super cute to read. Without meeting each other , Tiffy & Leon become super involved in each other's life as a real couple would be and within the messages and food they share , it stops feeling odd that they have this arrangement. Their accidental meeting was as hilarious and cheeky , as if nothing less was expected. Their messages seem to add such a easy , fun feeling to their day to day events. Tiffy has amazing friends around her who totally deserve special mention for being the kind that we all should be like and have around in real life. They never feel overwhelming but are neither shy of saying their opinions about Tiffy and her life . Leon's patients are sweet addition and it was hilarious to hear their views on Tiffy & Leon's love life.

The story has a few trigger points in terms of gas-lighting & mental abuse in a relationship but it also serves as a reminder that such behave is never okay , no matter how the person tries to manipulate it in his favor.

This book was indeed a warm hug sort to my heart. I would totally re read it when i feel a little low.

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  1. I’ve seen others reading this, and you wrote a great review!


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