Review: The Gilded King (Sovereign #1) by Josie Jaffrey

The Gilded King
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I always like a good vampire story with a strong female cast thrown in the mix. that was the only reason I was immediately interested in The Gilded King. And also, the cover is really pretty. There is a missing vampire, a dedicated friend focussed on finding her and then there is a fairytale legend that looks just another story but is more loaded than that, as one realizes in the end.

The book starts with introducing us to this new world - the city called Blue which is a safe place to live and anything beyond its boundaries is Red. But Blue is not where Julia wants to spend her life. She does not want to be a server to the Nobles but rather would like to walk out of the Blue and find a different life for herself if only she was sure she would survive in Red. That is till she is made attendant to Lucas, a very young Noble who believes in fairytales and just might convince Julia about them. Out in Red, Cameron searches for a lost queen for decades and refuses to rest till he brings her back to Blue. And this search earns him some enemies, who are ready to bring the war to Blue finally.

Up till almost one fourth if the book, you meet all the pieces on the board that would be shaping up the plot later. Though one can never be sure whom to like, whom to trust in this story, the events taking place in Julia & Cameron's world never seem to be dull or forced at any point.  Once the book picks pace it goes quite smoothly and is a lot of fun to read. There is a hint of romance in the plot times but it is woven in the story so subtly and beautifully. All the additional characters are interesting and well fleshed throughout. There is a hint of grey shades in most characters that keep things exciting. The Gilded King is a brilliant mix of dystopian, fantasy and adventure elements in a single story. It stands proud on the friendship, loyalty, and humanity established in the story. This was a really wonderful read and I look forward to the sequel now.

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