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This week’s topic is about glamours — Faeries have been known to create glamours that make the ordinary see a different reality.

This week’s prompt is: What is a book that was so realistic it made you question reality?

For me, books about other books are somewhat like a puzzle inside the puzzle. You are on one journey with the book you have in hand and then there is another book that is a portal into a world inside a world. So I thought of the book "Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz"  

This is a story of Daniel, who comes across a mysterious book Shadow of the Wind by one Julian Carax. When Daniel tried to search other books by the author he finds that there are no books by Carax left anywhere. Someone has been destroying all is works and Daniel might be having the last copy of any Carax books. Thus begins Daniel's quest to both save his book and to find about Caraz and the person destroying his books. 

The story moves at a really good pace and is also kind of spooky in its setting. There is a library of forgotten books, secrets in Carax life and the person destroying his books has same name as one of Carax's characters.  The author builds a befitting atmosphere for all the stories around the book, the author, Daniel's life. Only when one reaches the end, you realize how much time has passed. This book totally transported me into the book inside the book and I had a really weird reality shift while rushing to finish the book. This was an amazing read for me and I still have smiles thinking about it. 

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  1. This sounds like the absolute most perfect book for this prompt!


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