The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur by Priyonkar Dasgupta

The moment I saw the cover , I felt certain eagerness to read this book and my eagerness was rewarded enough in the opening chapters -  vacations with cousin and his friends , one of them trying to fit in with the rest , the tales one has heard and the feelings of reality being tad better ! The little town of Rajpur was so picturesque that I felt transported to the very roads these kids walked and planned their adventures. This is the story of 5 guys - 3 of them cousins and two friends of the eldest one Joy. The book has probably all the elements that make this a good book to read on lazy summer afternoons when you are not allowed to step out. This had the charm and feel of my favorite series - the famous five without a pet and any girl. There are video game parlors , the fairs , the picnic , the thrill of new discoveries , forbidden pleasures and the close knit warmth of a small town and their kids.

While i loved the lazy town , the descriptions that probably took me back to my childhood home an summers , after a point it felt too stretched and i wanted the story to move forward a bit faster. More so , I felt that the title of the book gave me too much hopes and i so much waited to find a ghost or an actual mystery in there. The end was a little surprise but then it fizzled out for me a little too fast.

Overall, I liked the book but this one definitely tested my patience !

My rating : 3/5

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