Frankly Spooking


Book: Frankly Spooking
Author: Sriramana Muliya

Synopsis: ( From the book cover)
These are stories that will draw out the fears which lie hidden in the deepest, darkest recesses of your mind. Where the dead meet you in the corridors of a swanky office, a busy shopping mall, a quiet classroom. They may even come knocking on your front door.
Unexpected yet familiar, Frankly Spooking is perfect for those nights when the rains lash against  your windowpane and the lights go off.

"Then? I mean.. you can tell me, you know. I have always tried to be a friend to all my teammates."
"I'm telling you, Preeti. She'll not come back."
"But why?" Preeti demanded.
"Because we just had her for supper."

Padma trudged up the stairs to the first-floor bathroom where the machine stood. It was spinning. Her mouth went dry. Who had switched it on? Heart throbbing, she looked closer. She stopped the machine and opened it to inspect the clothes inside. Her blood froze.
Tangled amidst the clothes was Aniket's face, staring right at her.

Maithili Speaks: 

After terrorizing his readers for years on his blog, Sriramana Muliya makes his debut with "Frankly Spooking".
As the book promises, the darkest fears in the recesses of the mind are unraveled. 
The most mundane events become paranormal, the most harmless possessions become deadly. 
 The book has stories that you will flip through the day and dread at night :O 

The starting chapters are light and set in a feel for what is next to come. You only get over the inertia of what happened last, when you are knocked with a new dose of the ghost. This time it is the innocent looking teddy in your bedroom or that pair of earphones that are always circling your neck.. 
There are stories that you have to read again to make sure you read that right. Some will make  you petrified for life if you are weak minded. 
"Breath taking sight" and "Team Player" are my personal favorites. A common pursuit of lovers to seek for deserted places takes a ghastly turn in "Breath taking sight". Trust me, you wouldn't go peeking your nose in other's business if you read "Team Player".  That is what makes this book a winner. It makes you scared and think twice about what is second nature to you. Would you do it again? 

This unchartered territory, as Sriramana puts it, is a breathe of fresh air from all those college romances, MBA tragedies and sleazy engineered fantasies. The book explores the fear of the dead, the undead and those in between. 

Read it at night when it is raining outside and there is no power in the house. I dare you to get out of bed ! This book goes into my collection. If nothing, you will have a whole range of stories to scare the hell out of people staying over and talking late into the night about ghosts.

Come on, its been ages and we are hearing the same "Reverse footed, floating, candle bearing ghost". 

Caution: Read at your own risk. Do not hold me responsible if you are paralyzed the whole night :D 

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: Rs 299/-


  1. sounds good to me. will get my own copy.

  2. Maithiliiiiiiiii!!! Gajab Review!!! :D I am waiting to get my own copy and your review has piqued my interest so much!!!!! :D

  3. Am intrigued !! looking this one up right now :)


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