Corporate Atyaachaar, by Abhay Nagarajan

About the author:
Abhay Nagarajan worked as a financial advisor for more than two years. He enjoys writing and reading statistics of cricket, which has been his first love since class five. This is his first novel.

Cover and blurb:
A humorous portrayal of life in the corporate world with a cartoon, and a story of a financial advisor freshly recruited from campus. It felt like it might be a good read.

My thoughts:
As someone who follows a same routine every day and looking for change, and unable to find it yet, looking for humor at the workplace, I felt the premise of Abhay Nagarajan’s first novel was a good one, and that it might hold a lot of fun. Whereas it did have humor in places and it started out well enough, the novel had very less in it to actually hold my attention.

The story of a young guy, who was selected into a small team in a known company, with a friendly boss who had a proclivity to scratch his private parts (appropriately abbreviated to HBS) and a lady who was sweet and helpful but tended to scream too much, Corporate Atyaachaar takes us along with the guy (not named) on his corporate journey.

However, every chapter felt like a diary of his client meetings and felt like it ended with the line about office. It had a good premise, and there is humor in bits, but I don’t feel the same joke told ten times very quickly works each time, so the repetition foiled it. I give him props for keeping it real, but not a novel I’d be reading again.

My Rating: 1/5

Book details:
Title: Corporate Atyaachaar
Author: Abhay Nagarajan
ISBN: 978-93-80349-23-7
Genre: Fiction/Humor
Publishers: Srishti Publishers
Price: INR. 100

Reviewed by Leo

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