"Fire in the rain" by Surendra Mohanty

A serial killer is on the loose. He surfaces in one metropolis after another, leaving behind a trail of murders. He masquerades as respectable citizens in different cities – Navy officer in Mumbai and Hyderabad, a film director’s brother in Kolkata, restaurateur in Bangalore, racehorse buff in Pune – and targets single working women. ACP Kale is desperate to catch the elusive killer before he strikes again, but he has no clue except that the killer invariably strikes on an ominous day – Friday the thirteenth, and hires luxury cars to date his victims. One of his quarries, the beautiful Richa finally tames him.

Frankly , the cover was a bit of turn off . So was the name , which did not make much sense to me till the very end ( though I can not say it means much to me even now ).

But I am kind of glad , I moved ahead from these observations and decided to read this. A short and engaging read , this book doesn't offer much of thrill but yet , you will appreciate the plotting and planning that the killer does for each of his victim. It really is a bit sad , the way he meets his ends but also made me wonder , if it was really an illusion that he fell for or love had another tragic tale to its credits. Not that you would appreciate his actions any time , considering the troubles others fall in for his crimes.

The scenes are convincing , the dialogues are good and the whole story has a kind of real feeling to it. And that is the reason I liked the book most.

worth a free afternoon read :)

My rating : 3/5

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