Succubus Dreams (Book Three): Georgina Kincaid Series by Richelle Mead

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SUCCUBUS DREAMS: Book Three, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Fiction, Supernatural. 

AUTHOR: Richelle Mead

SUMMARY (From the Richelle Mead Website):

Some days, a girl just can't catch a break...

…especially when the girl in question is Georgina Kincaid, a shape-shifting succubus who gets her energy from seducing men. First there’s her relationship with gorgeous bestselling writer Seth Mortensen, which is unsatisfying on a number of levels. It’s not just that they can’t have sex in case Georgina inadvertently kills him (generally a turn-off for most guys). Lately, even spending time together is a challenge. Seth's obsessed with finishing his latest novel, and Georgina's under demonic orders to mentor the new (and surprisingly inept) succubus on the block. 
Then there are the dreams. Someone, or something, is preying on Georgina at night, draining her energy, and supplying eerie visions of her future. Georgina seeks answers from Dante, a dream interpreter with ties to the underworld, but his flirtatious charm only leaves her more confused—especially as the situation with Seth reaches crisis point. Now Georgina faces a double challenge—rein in her out-of-control love life, and go toe-to-toe with an enemy capable of wreaking serious havoc among mankind. Otherwise, Georgina, and the entire mortal world, may never sleep easy again…

My words were cut off as a tall, Amazonian blonde nearly barrelled into me.

Oh! You must be Georgina! I’ve been dying to meet you.”

I raised my eyes past Spandex-clad double-D breasts and up into big blue eyes with impossibly long lashes. A huge set of beauty pageant teeth smiled down at me. My moments of speechlessness were few, but they did happen. This walking Barbie doll was a succubus. A really new one. So shiny and new, in fact, it was a wonder she didn’t squeak. I recognized her age both from her signature and her appearance. No succubus with any sense would have shape-shifted into that!!! She was trying too hard, haphazardly piling together an assortment of pseudo male-fantasy body parts. It left her with a Frankensteinian creation that was both jaw-dropping and probably anatomically impossible. 

MSM Speaks: When one makes a come back, they start with their best (or so they think!) performances and in my kitty, the best reviews (loaded with sarcasm and not-so-subtle double entendres) are of the Young Adult Urban Fantasy Fiction genre (Yes, I cannot avoid them. They are like unhealthy junk food, they stick to you and swear to take you down with them!). So, if you remember any of my previous reviews about my Succubus Georgie, you can forget them and start like Tawny (The New Seattle Succubus), all squeaky clean and new.

So the plot starts with Georgie and Seth in a romantic relationship (You can figure that part on your own anyway), when Georgina starts to have unrealistically real dreams of becoming a mother and doing dishes and waiting for her man, the father of her child, while Sweet home Alabama plays in the background. For a fact, Georgie cannot procreate since she is a demon and second, the dreams leave her incredibly drained of her acquired (from the other men) energies. She seeks help from her mortal guide and old human friend, Erik who sends her to this ludicrous con man Dante - very powerful and very Dark, but who doesn't believe that our Georgie is a succubus. Story spirals ahead with Georgina truly trapped in the shit-hit-the-fan scenario, when she is stood up by a whole bunch of people. I sometimes don't understand that why Georgie doesn't use her Awesome powers. She just mopes like a normal woman. I tell you, it gets annoying! 

Unlike the previous two books, I found myself skipping pages in this one to jump to when the mystery-solving-searching-clues start, because seriously, I know Y.As appeal the most, to the teens with raging hormones, they certainly at some point of time, make me want to gag, Y.As that is, and not the teens. Exactly like in this third instalment. Don't take me wrong, I love Georgie, but there's only this much that I can take of the whole mortal-immortal love story. SO, I skipped to the mystery solving, which is pretty crisp and fast paced! There is a new immortal love story that helps Georgina to get out of the freaky dream scenario - also, as Georgina witnesses, how an Angel falls and becomes a demon. I loved that part. Finally, towards the end, she is saved by a whole bunch of Angels, Demons and Nephilliams but at the daunting cost of her personal life. Tsk Tsk. Richelle herself got bored after solving the mystery in this book. 
Oh, and on a random note. I am in love with Carter. (Who you ask? He is an Angel and Literally, Georgina's guardian angel).

You can just read my reviews of the series and be happy. You don't necessarily have to pick up the book, but if you do, I will be happy! :D

My rating: 2.75/5 (I couldn't give more)

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  1. mopes like a normal i know right?? It is annoying.

    No way in hell am reading this. I just read your reviews for the laughs and those extremely hot cover pics. Side cleavage and me have a long history.

  2. Prince of Ravens: I have a thing for Ravens, but only if they look like Damon. Totally Random. :P So well, I was afraid to put the pic - too much skin! :D And yes, I am glad you appreciate the review! If I had Georgina's powers, I would have been wrecking havoc across the lengths and breadths of earth. :D


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