Website Development using HTML and CSS by Naveneet Mehra and Bunny Mehra

Website Development using HTML and CSS
A practical step-by-step guide to develop e-commerce store

Author: Navneet Mehra and Bunny Mehra
ISBN: 9788178063096
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Unicorn Books
Number of Pages: 172
Genre: Computer/Programming languages
Language: English
Price: Rs. 225

About the Book: 

Salient Features
  • Easy to use step-by-step guide to learn HTML & CSS for students, hobbyists and professionals
  • Selling online and using third-party techniques like tracking visitors with Google Analytic
  • Website usability concerns and security
  • Introduction to mobile website
  • CD containing guide to e-commerce store, Payment Gateway setup and Control Panel Introduction in addition to the actual HTML codes used in the book.

About the Authors:

Navneet Mehra is a computer professional and has authored books like Hackers Beware: A Guide to Protect Your PC, The Unrevealed Secrets of Hacking and Cracking: Hack Before You Get Cracked and Comprehensive Computer Learning: A Youngsters' Guide. Bunny Mehra is a hotel management graduate, a freelance web developer and an Admin professional.

Swarnali Speaks :

This is typically not a book I would generally pick up (because computers aren't really my thing). But when Navneet asked me to have a look at the book and tell him what I thought about it, I decided to give this one a shot. And I'm glad I did. This has been a really different read from usual stuff.

The book is written in a guide like (as mentioned in the subtitle itself) manner which is simple and very easy to follow. What I really liked is that this book has a class room like feel to it where your teacher is guiding through each and every step and explaining the nuances in the process. The "step-by-step" instructions combined with the occasional illustrations and pictures makes it really easy to understand to any layman (if I could, you'd too). the only downer would be the fact that the language is didactic which makes reading it a little boring but considering the subject, I suppose it cannot be helped. A few typographical errors here and there also act as hindrance to the reading.

The book is primarily devoted to those who are looking to learn to develop an e-commerce store but others who just like to tinker around with stuff would also find this one extremely useful. Sections like the use of HTML tags, picture tags, formatting web pages and using HTML forms are things which blog users would find extremely useful for formatting and personalizing their blog elements without having to go for professional help. The CD that comes along with the book makes it even easier to grasp things. I personally loved the section about online selling and site security involved in the process. Learnt a few knick knacks that I was completely ignorant of. A good book to start with to increase your tech and web knowledge.


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  2. Hi Swarnali,

    Thanks for the Review.


  3. Hey Swarnali,

    Nice Review on our Book.



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