Stranger in the Mirror by Sidney Sheldon


Stranger in the Mirror is one of the early works of Sidney Sheldon. First published almost fifty years ago, the book tells the story of Toby Temple, a super star stand- up comedian and his love, Jill Temple. Replete with twists and turns coming at regular intervals, the book is undoubtedly a fast paced read and is still relevant even after almost half a decade of it's original release.

The story doesn't have too many characters and is largely about the travails of Toby and Jill, their struggles and ambitions. Born as Josephine, Jill's ambition is to make it big in Hollywood. But the challenges she has to face are enormous. Toby's life is no different either. He also has to go through his own share of  humiliations and ridicule before making it big in the show biz. Clifton Lawrence is Toby's ticket to stardom. 'Stranger in the Mirror' is as much as about Clifton as it is about Toby and Jill.

Toby and Jill aren't entirely likeable characters. This story of greed, lust and passion is an intriguing read. Even after fifty years, this book hasn't become dated, rather it still feels fresh. Shows how great story teller, Sir Sheldon was!


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