Review: Midnight's Star: A contemporary friends to lovers romance by Shilpa Suraj

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I start my Saturday mornings by reading in bed, and this one made me wish I could be served breakfast in bed and not bother to do anything till I finish it. No wonder, that I finished "Midnight's star" within few hours and I loved it. Just the way I like my romcoms to be, and the reasons I love when Shilpa writes modern-day romances with not-so-perfect people. It is easy to like most of the characters in her book and not just the leads. Whether it is the good friends, support staff at work, or the family; you find a sense of reason, love, and humor in all the interactions. 

 This is a story of a passionate cafe owner and baker girl, Avni, who meets a successful blind author Bharat one of the sad days of her life. Making the best of the meeting and cheering each other, they start talking over desserts and it somehow becomes their thing - this friendship, sharing secrets, and finding comfort from each other's presence. The romance was so well written that it all felt believable. There were no grand gestures but more emphasis on intentions and the consequences of each action. Even the misunderstandings were not dragged but resolved by talking about it. There are some beautiful kisses and more hot scenes , some ending not so well though ;)

The book is a good mix of some drama, some humor, and a lot of love. I am looking forward to reading more books in this series soon.

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