QBR: Mumbai by Lissy

                                                        Contemporary Fiction
                                                       136 + pages
                                                       Mathrubhumi Books
                                                       Originally Published in 2006
                                                       RT Rating: 3.2/5

Mumbai by Lizzy is a poignant take on the life in the city of dreams

The Verdict:This is quite an engaging read!
Synopsis: Mumbai is the kind of book where the setting itself becomes the protagonist.The novel introduces us many interesting characters and the struggles and turmoils they face while living in this big city full of dreams.If you loved the Anurag Basu movie, 'Life in a Metro', you are definitely going to like this work.The book had also won the best debut novel award by Mathrubhumi books, way back in 2005.

The Good:the setting, the characters,the writing

The Bad:the book doesn't have a linear story, per se.
RecommendationsBuy it!


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