Review : Carnegie's Maid by Marie Benedict

I am surprised I never took historical fiction seriously. This book was such a breeze to read. So fresh and simple writing ,befitting the era it is written for. 

Clara travels to america to make money for her family and help them. Luckily for her, she is well read and has a good presence of mind. She takes place of another dead lady of same name and is employed as maid for the matriarch of the Carnegie family. She builds a unique and unacceptable friendship with the eldest son and it is her influences and ideals that drive him to be the man he is known to be. Though this is a fictional account of the personal life , the setting and the history is a pretty engaging read. 

A marvelous lady character and inspiring cast makes this a compelling read. Mixed with history of America during civil war and industrial revolution and the way it affected various people , this book is well researched. Absolutely delighted at the chance to read this book.

My rating : 4/5

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