Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection

Urcanum Unbounded : The Cosmere Collection 

Book 2.5 of "The Stormlight Archive"

ISBN : 9780765391162
First Published : 22nd November, 2016
Genre : Fantasy
Pages : 672 (Hardback)
Publishers : Tor

AUTHOR : Brandon Sanderson

SYNOPSIS : Brandon Sanderson's first story collection: novellas and short stories set in the Shardworlds, the worlds of Stormlight, Mistborn, Elantris, and more.

An all-new Stormlight Archive novella will be the crown jewel of Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection, the first book of short fiction by #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson.

The collection will include eight works in all. The first seven are:
“The Hope of Elantris” (Elantris)
“The Eleventh Metal” (Mistborn)
“The Emperor's Soul” (Elantris)
“Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Epsiodes 28 through 30” (Mistborn)
“Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell” (Threnody)
“Sixth of Dusk” (First of the Sun)
“Mistborn: Secret History” (Mistborn)


Everyone knows my love for Sanderson.

So without much gushing (I'll try to limit it this time), let me get into the groove of reviewing this one. Arcanum Unbounded is what I said previously, a treasure trove. For the new readers, these short stories will open eyes and for the faithful ones, provide some much needed answers about the Cosmere.

I try to keep myself knowledgeable about the Cosmere. I do not follow it blindly lest spoilers ruin it. However I had completely no idea what was in store when I started this. The maps, the drawings, the little hints, it all comes together.

Kelsier. Remember Kelsier, the survivor of Hathsin? Apparently his story didn't get over . My jaw dropped open when I realized the implications of what he was upto. And trust me, the whole Cosmere will reverberate to his antics. For the first time in my life, I'm happy to be my age. If things go well, I will live quite long to finish this epic tale.

I had already read The Emperor's Soul before. But Sixth of Dusk (which btw is apart from the Cosmere) was new to me. So was White Sands which I believe is a marvel in itself. Here's to hoping more of that. But what completely blew me away was Edgedancer. Based in the Rosharan system, this more than a short story was a book in itself. A book between Way of Kings and Words of Radiance.

As per latest update at brandonsanderson dot com, Brandon has started working on his 3rd draft of Oathbringer. That means, it's a mere months away.

RATING : 5 outta 5

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