Despite Odds by Rita Chhablani

Some life lessons need to be revised and dusted off in the memory and stories are the best way to do that. Despite Odd is a collection of women centeric stories that not just made me laugh or cheer with them , but also shed a silent tear thinking of the atrocities that women are still subjected to. My favorite story is "Back to square one" which showed how people change over time and yet each of us has the force to be right , be true to ourself and our friends. Another story , ""And spring returns" stunned me with the ending. As much as it was shocking , it made me question the reason behind right and wrong decisions. How we just need one hand to support us through the storms. "the phone call"was a true romance tale and of perseverance of love in the times when all things are changing so rapidly.

And yet , a word of caution that the stories are very simple in language and plot. There are few twists that will amuse you but most of the stories are echo of some tales you carry in your heart. Nevertheless, all the stories make a lovely read. Rita's language and observation of emotions and situations can transport you into the scene easily and make you walk with the story as it progresses.

The stories are heart touching , inspiring and so close to reality of so many of us that reading this book became some how important for me.

My rating : 3.5/5

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