What Lies Between Us by Nayomi Munaweera

Some books trap you with just the cover. Then you read a random story , totally not unrelated and bamn! The tone is set. This book will entice you into flipping pages , dreading what you will read and trying to find some reason to excuse the narrator. Perhaps you will find those reasons , perhaps it will take time to sink in.

The author's first book has been on my list from a long time and reading this made me wonder why I did not pick it up already. The book starts with the unnamed narrator in prison , telling in hints she has done a crime that people will not forget and forgive easily. But first people need to kNow her whole story from the beginning, and that she tells. The broken narratives , like flashes work so beautifully here to both move the story and to keep up the tension in the plot. The happy and sad mix of events do not at any time let the knowledge slip from you that the end will not be good.

This is one of the books that make reading worthy habit , it makes waking up early in morning to finish the book a good decision. The author really cracks open the psychology of unhealthy childhood , the love denied and the way past creeps into your head and ruins the present. Without saying further , i will just say this is a brilliant book and a much brilliant author.

My rating : 5/5

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