The Teddy Who Ran Away, by Preethi Venugopala

This is a book with a single story written for tiny tots, an experiment in writing in the genre by the author who wrote this for her child.

The book, kind of like Baby's Day Out, is a Teddy's Day Out. Teddy, the Teddy Bear, like Hobbes, seems alive yet bored with life at home, and decides to run away. The story follows the adventures he has in the little time that he spends in the world outside.

Knowing that it is for small children, the author has kept away from big complicated words and made it very short and simple chapters. It's a fun bed time story which I am quite sure a child will love, and of course, it has a happy ending too.

I think what a child would love more is to have pictures, and not just at the beginning of each chapter. If the book is illustrated more, it would delight a child, as at that age, they find pictures more appealing than words, and also, it'd help to learn.

I rate it 4 stars.

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