The Old Man and his God, by Sudha Murty — a review

Travel brings us experiences. Experiences bring observations on life. And we realize that life may not be as simple as we thought, or maybe it is. Sudha Murty, on her travels, records what people say to her. Their accounts on life and its meaning are put in this book for us to savor.

What she does so wonderfully well as usual is that she narrates without making things complicated. It’s simple in language and style, and very direct. It feels even like they are diary entries, and in a way, they are. The title story, The Old Man and his God looks to bring out the simple needs of an old, blind priest who Sudha Murty finds at a small temple. It brings out that money might not be everything to everyone. The Way You Look at It, the story brings about a look at perspectives. What one person found useful, the other didn’t. The Tale of Two Brothers touched a chord. It showed being related by blood isn’t important as long as you are intrigued by the heart, by love. These were some of my favorites from the book.

Do I agree with how she interprets the observations? Not always, no. But then again, she looks at it one way, and the way I look at the incident would be different after all.

The book is not just enjoyable to read, but also, inspiring with some of the stories in it. I rate it 3.5 or 4 stars.

Rated: 4 stars
Source: Library Copy
Reviewed by: Vinay Leo R.

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