Mistress of Honour by Bhavna Arora

This is the secod time this year I have read a book that has its plot based on lives of Army men and their families and I think we should read more. There should be more books on this topic and Mistress of Honour was quite a good one for this list. 

This is the story of Pansy and Pontis who meet in unusually tragic circumstances ,not once but many times and between linked destiny and lives they get married to become parents of Rihana, an spirited soul who follows her mother's path and falls in love with an Air force pilot.
There are two love stories which are as similar as different from each other. The story follows some important dates in the Indian history that had our armed forces give up their best men for sake of the country's protection or politics.
The training , the anecdotes , the missions, the relations and above all the commitment to duty is never this extreme. Some of the passages made me so overwhelmed with respect and tinge of shame at my life and regrets we have. Is it all not a little frivolous ?
The writing of the book is simple and the conversations engaging. The story flows easily and there is no slow phase in reading. The characters are well researched and fleshy to understand and like them. But somehow there was a little discontinuity too. Like a lot filled in less number of pages feel.
I liked this one for the story more than writing though the end was a bit dramatic
My rating : 3 5/5

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