Autobiography of a mad nation by Sriram Karri

There are few books that you pick up with lot of expectations from the plot but wjat completely surprises you is the writing of the book. This book is onenof those rare gems that I can open at random pages and read itnforbthe conversations and the sharp focus of the writer on the current state of society. I am no fan of politics and i have kept myself away from reading in depth about it. But this book migjt change that for me.
The book opens to a diary entry of a person who rants about the nation going madder day by day , a nation freed by the freedom fighters but one we could not manage to hold together. And now the division is the norm in society and daily life. Soon the person writing this diary confesses to having axe his neighbor for stealing his poem. Sounds crazy ? It gets all the more crazier when the same peraon asks the President of india for help in proving he is innocent.
There are very few events of national importance from last 30 years that the author has not used in the narrative. Somewhere his experience as a journalist reflects in the writing. One might not be unaware if the way the nation is rotting but this book is a mirror to how everyone of us aids in hiding or ignoring it.
One event leads to another and the diary entries keep the reader intrigued till the end of chapter one. There the fictional part of the story takes over and we have a glimpse into life of common men whose life is altered just by knowing each other. Here one can assume these men to be society and how if we all try , change is possible though at a price of life.  Also this is the weaker part of the book which thankfully ends before you could lose interest. The end is kind of predictable and a try to give answers. I liked it still for the way the author has shown the final act of the one directing the whole plot.
All in all, a powerful statement , a worthy read.
My rating 4/5

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