The rise of Grey Prince by Arka Chakrabarti

This is a story of different nations that seem distant and independent in the beginning, but are tied by common prophecy.
This is a tale of prophecies that bind destinies and choices of kings and their closest men and women.
This is a tale of a man Agni who is the one to bear the burden of prophecies and his choices whether he runs or faces his destiny.
Hence the name of series, Saga of Agni.

The story has a well thought plot and enough twists and pace to make you keep reading as long as you can. In fact this is the kind of book that is best read in as few sittings as possible 'cause the reader is bound to get involved in the journey.

The characters are very well sketched and given their own space and roles to justify their presence. There is no single story line that is left untouched as the events unfold in multiple places. I liked the characters of Vrish and Yani the most since they are not just good or bad but are humans.

The title of the sequel is very apt since it traces the rise of two princes - one who was nothing but turns out to be a prince and other who being the prince turns out to be nothing. The story has taken some inspiration from other fantasy fiction stories but they are well modified to be a part of this adventure.

The sequel for me though was bit confusing, bit too short. The pace of the book and the questions that keep arising kept me hooked to the book but also left me wanting more. I guess I was expecting the details and the narration as it is in the first book. This part left me a little disappointed.  Nevertheless, the lovers of fantasy fiction will like this one from the basket of Indian fiction. I am much glad that such tales are being written by and for the Indian readers.

I hope the next part is out soon and the author spends time on building the scenes and not hurrying for the actions. Fantasy books are supposed to be fat after all ;) 

My rating: 4/5 for the series
                   3.5/5 for the book#2

PS : Though the sequel can be read as stand-alone , I personally recommend you to read the books in order. 

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