City Of Nine Gates By Pankaj Rajput

Title:City Of Nine Gates
Author:Pankaj Rajput
Publisher:notion press

                         Indian writing in English is going through a very interesting phase.With the debutant writers being brave enough to explore hitherto unexplored genres in desi fiction,there are quite a good number of interesting works of fiction hitting the stores every other week.From the 'Chetan Bhagat' clones to the likes of Anees Saleem and Jeet Thayyil,desi writing has indeed matured for good.This post is about one such gem by a first time author named Pankaj Rajput and it's titled 'City of Nine Gates'.

                         Before going on to the review,I have a small confession to make.Though I had received this book from the author almost 8 weeks back,it took me this long to write and publish the review.No don't get me wrong,the book is not dull or boring by any stretch of imagination.Infact,it's the other way round.This book is quite  unique and it took me a long time to figure out what to write about it for I believe,no review will be able to do justice to this wonderfully crafted work!

                         City of Nine Gates is the story of Gyan,an atheist multi-millionaire who embarks on a journey of self-realization.Gyan during one of his archeological pursuits(he is an historian at heart) stumbles upon an ancient site,a cursed fort/temple.What follows is his realization that the site is actually the crown over an entire City that lies beneath it.He also finds out that he is the 'chosen' one who can liberate the City out of the curse.Joining him in his journey is his friend,Parth.Through Gyan's and Parth's story,the author tries to answer some basic questions about life and existence.

                          The book is written in simple English and is peppered with Sanskrit slokas and Verses which undoubtedly elevates it to an altogether different level.There are some books which on repeated reading appear more meaningful and inspiring.'City of Nine Gates' is one such work and is a recommended read for people of all ages.

                        Though this book is a highly philosophical work,the debutant author has made sure that the reader is never burdened with forced,heavy duty philosophical lines.Infact,Pankaj deserves a pat on his back for putting across his thoughts and concepts in a simple,highly effective manner.The book could have easily become an extremely boring and a pretentious affair,considering it's theme and the core subject.It's the writer's belief in his theme and his conscious decision to tell it in a contemporary setting which has worked wonders for this work.The book lay out,cover design are top notch and kudos to the publisher(notion press)for making this possible at an affordable rate.The book is also free of grammatical errors and typos which is also a great thing,considering it's a self-published work.On the downside,I think if you are looking for a breezy,light read,you can definitely stay away from this 'meaningful' book.

Verdict-On the whole,'City Of Nine Gates' is a unique book.Don't miss it! I'm giving it a out of 5.    


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