The Governess, by Noorilhuda

The Governess is a story set in nineteenth century England, and follows the life of Jane Adams, divorced by her husband and disinherited by her father. The circumstances force her to seek employment as a governess. She finds someone who employs her despite what has happened, and even with her former husband trying to influence her present life. Jane works and saves money, enough to try and clear her name. Other than this, each character seems to have their storyline, quirks and such.

Historical fiction… the genre and I have a love-hate relationship I suppose. The same holds true for this book. The language it is written in feels like it was from that era, and the characters feel the same too. The dialogue seems real and believable. You feel some pathos for the main character and her circumstances. Even the male character John Lockwood feels interesting. The narration tends to be long and drawn out mostly. Whereas it works in bringing a historical feel to the novel, I personally felt it to be boring, and didn’t retain my interest. I don’t expect the pace of a thriller, but I don’t expect it to be so slow either. Having not read much books set in this era, I felt I needed a dictionary to follow certain parts of the book.

For someone who actually enjoys historical fiction, I think the book will hold merit. It is complex and deep and whatever I’ve heard makes a good historical fiction. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the story a lot, but even in its drawn out detailed storyline, it has the potential for a story, and I recognize that. One-time read for me.

Title: The Governess
Author: Noorilhuda
Genre: Historical Fiction

The author gave me a copy of the book for review. The views expressed here are mine, and unbiased.

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