Gifts with no Giver, by Nirmala

To read poetry is easy, to understand poetry is a little more difficult. Spirituality and poetry have always gone together. A casual look into Indian history and mythology will show the same. Meera Bai or the sage Narada, they have composed poetry in dedication to the gods. Those poems cover the aspect of love and truth often. It is with a mix of alacrity and anxiety that I began to read this book of poems.

So, what are the poems about? In the poet’s own words, they are an attempt to capture the undying presence of love. They are to touch our souls, the words of a lover drunk with a passion for the truth.

Do they work? I suppose to each person, the understanding of a poem varies. I did enjoy and understand a few of the poems. Like one that speaks of being satisfied in the moment that is now; or the one that talks of the good things in “not knowing”. They carried meaning, and they were beautiful.

But, for the most part, these poems were confusing. Yes, I could sense that the poems were talking of love. But to me, they spoke in riddles that were too hard to unravel.

I’ll not be re-reading it. But I feel, if the reader can unravel those riddles, they might enjoy it enough to read them again.

Title: Gifts with no Giver
Author: Nirmala
Genre: Poetry


  1. Thats with poetry. it needs lot of attention and patience.

  2. @Nimue,

    This book might test your patience a lot, I feel.


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