Love, Life and a Beer Can, by Prashant Sharma

I'm beginning to wonder why love is the "pet genre" for most Indian authors. No disrespect to Amish, Ashwin Sanghi and others who aren't authors of that genre, but love stories are dime-a-dozen in the Indian publishing industry nowadays. And the odd thing is, most of them read similar. Even the cover that says "National Bestseller" is similar. But I still pick up the novels expecting something different, something wow. I guess that's part of the intrigue that love has.

The story revolves around Raj (who manner of introduction is funny), and his journey in a society that has a soft-spot for education (the degrees and stuff). He is brought up by his aunt and uncle after the death of his parents. It starts with the Raj's early life and goes on to his marriage and life after that. 

The story somehow doesn't take off. I don't know if it is just the language or the narration (like reading a tacky Bollywood script or SMSey lingo), but it makes you want to keep it down, yet you don't want to, hoping there's something good ahead. The author has, to an extent, kept a story in the book, with some good characterization of college kids and portrayal of college life, some decent dialogues. But it gets boring after a while, almost as if the author himself got bored of writing the story. I didn't quite know whether to laugh or cry at the ending. Very Bollywood-ish, and unexpected.

Pick it up for reading on a short journey. And maybe, just maybe then it won't feel as difficult reading it. One time read.

My rating: 2 / 5

Book Details:
Title: Love, Life and a Beer Can
Author: Prashant Sharma
ISBN: 9789380349053
Genre: Fiction
Publishers: Srishti Publishers
Price: INR. 100

Reviewed by Leo

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  1. Even Indian movies are mainly about love. I guess that's what sells.


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