A Walk Down The Lane, by Arpita Ghosh Sarkar

I saw this book in my library, and thought the story to be light enough to complete on a journey, and not very mushy. It was indeed a very easy read, and I finished it in a couple of hours or so. The narration is in a very simple style, and the story flows very quickly. There’s nothing that sticks out as absolutely out of the world, but I personally liked the characters and their actions, especially Joyneel’s character, though looking at it from a realistic point of view, it might not happen like that. It could, but it might not. For me, the thing was that I could know it was a happy ending from the blurb itself. It was quite detailed. A blurb should invoke interest without giving hints to how it ends, I feel. Editing wise, it needs a lot of work. Too many ellipsis where it should have been full stops or commas, and that sort of takes a bit away from the story itself. Overall, a book that definitely bodes well with travel reading!

Book details:

Title: A Walk Down The Lane
Author: Arpita Ghosh Sarkar
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 9789380349459
Published by: Srishti Publishers
Price: INR. 100

Reviewed by Leo

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  1. a non-complicated story- hard to find these days - real or bookish!
    shuvika- the idea of not getting married just out of desperation- leaving quite a bank job and daring to go out - all by herself - for that me time- an impressive reflection of an independent woman
    one of the cherished reads!


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