Kardamom Kisses - Shinie Antony

The Description:
In Kardamom Kisses, members of a dysfunctunal family flail along life's sunny path, hoping for salvation, or at least a piece of some action. The North and South of India clash in a celebration of contrasts as secrets come tumbling out, familial ties are refurbished and love is not quite what it seems.There's Punjab and there's Kerala, brought startlingly alive, and when Kedar weds Mangala, little does he bargain for whole cities and families to disdain each other. Pressured and soon celibate by compulsion, Kedar turns to other pursuits, notably a second wife, while Mangala copes with the results of hasty breeding. The children born to them travel into the future that alarmingly begins to resemble their roots and realise that in life magic is at a premium.Sparkling wit savages societal snapshots as Shinie Antony takes the nice and nasty to transform her debut novel into a merry carousel of touching moments. Here is a novel that clicks its tounge, asking the Great Indian Family to get moving.

My thoughts:
I think some imagery and mood setting type writing is agreeable in writing. It pulls the reader into the novel. When it is overdone, it seems to push the reader out just as easily. That's what happened with this book, esp. at the beginning parts itself. That, and the usage of so many local Malayalam terms that might not be understood by every reader. It would've been good to see a meaning coming just after the word, or a superscript number that leads to a meaning in the footer. Not recommended for those who might like a little fast paced narrative. You can read if you know Malayalam language more, and like a little descriptive mood setting.

I rate this: 2 stars!

Book Title: Kardamom Kisses
Author: Shine Antony
Genre: Love/Fiction/Saga
ISBN: 9788129107435
Publishers: Rupa Publishers

Reviewed by: Leo
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  1. I'm game!
    The Kardamom-with-K title was a little off-putting though.
    As for the story, not fair to a general audience but a little Malayalam mixed in sounds like home!:)


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