Who Let The Dork Out? - Sidin Vadukut

The Dork Series or The Epic Saga Of Robin "Einstein" Varghese, what should I begin with ? ROFLMAO is an understatement for Sidin Vadukut's new book "Who Let The Dork Out?". Right from the beginning, the protagonist of The Dork Series has successfully managed to leave me in splits during each chapter and that too several times. I remember, it was because of a friend's suggestion that I picked up God Save The Dork, and ended up recommending it to a lot of people. I still remember that Vietnam episode in that book while Robin addresses a conference. Such a LMAO description it was. Who Let The Dork Out? is no less to say the least.

This time, Robin Varghese is sent to India to oversee and Allied Victory Games 2010. The whole plot is inspired from the Commonwealth Games Delhi chaos and has been represented in a hilarious way. As usual, the preparations were much behind the schedule, politicians trying to outdo each other in scams, government officials going berserk and media is busy creating a shit storm out of everything and nothing. The Prime Minister Of India asks for someone to oversee the preparations for the games and thats when Lederman the company for which Robin "Einstein" Varghese works steps in and hence inspiring Robin to talk to his diary endlessly.

Along with that, Robin pours his heart out about his relationship with Gouri, work, and all that crappy jazz that happens on day to day basis in his life.

Sidin Vadukut surely knows how to catch the right nerve of the reader. Throughout the book, you would keep grinning from ear to ear and at some points I burst out laughing and scaring my sister who is preparing for her exams these days. Dork, God Save The Dork and Who Let The Dork Out, all three of these books are highly entertaining and takes you to a different world altogether. Try them out over a weekend. I am sure, it would be a happy weekend. :D

Book Source : Personal Copy
Publisher : Penguin Books
Genre : Fiction, Humour
ISBN : 978-0-143-41409-4


  1. hahahha i will pick this up. I remember Dork being reviewed here as well. This goes to my wish list

  2. sidin sure is amazing writer !
    Love his tweets too ...


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