The Alloy of Law - Brandon Sanderson


A Mistborn novel

ISBN - 978-0-7653-6854-6
PAGES - 392
GENRE - Fantasy
BINDING - Paperback

AUTHOR - Brandon Sanderson

BEST-SELLERS - the Mistborn trilogy, The Way of Kings, Warbreaker, Elantris

SYNOPSIS - [From the back cover]

In the three hundred years since the events of the Mistborn trilogy, science and technology have marched on. Scadrial is on the verge of modernity, with railroads, electric lighting, and even the first steel-framed skyscrapers racing for the clouds.

Yet even with these advances, the magics if Allomancy and Feruchemy continue to play a role in the reborn world. Out in the frontier lands known as the Roughs, they are crucial tools for those attempting to establish order and justice.

One is Waxillium Ladrian, a rare Twiborn who can Push on metals with his Allomancy and use Feruchemy to become lighter or heavier at will. After twenty years in the Roughs, Wax must now put away his guns and assume the duties incumbent upon the head of a noble house - until he learns the hard way that the mansions and elegant tree-lined streets of the city can be even more dangerous than the dusty plains of the Roughs.


So, Wax,” Wayne butted in. “Where did you say that bloke was who had my hat?
I told you that he got away after I shot him.
I was hoping he’d dropped my hat, you know. Getting shot makes people drop stuff.
Waxillium sighed. “He still had it on when he left, I’m afraid.
Wayne started cursing.
Wayne,” Marasi said. “It’s only a hat.”
Only a hat?” he asked, aghast.
Wayne’s a little attached to that hat,” Waxillium said. “He thinks it’s lucky.”
It is lucky. I ain’t never died while wearing that hat.” 

FL Speak - If you know me very well, then you know how much I'm going to talk about this book.

Ladies and Gentlemen, its Brandon Sanderson. And I've read "all" his books. And if you've read the Mistborn trilogy or my review of the same here, well, you'll need to stop whatever you're doing right now and focus on me. *uses the Jedi mind control technique on you*

Mistborn is over. If you've just discovered this trilogy and can't get over what happened in the end, and feel the loss of leaving the world of Scadrial behind, there is still hope for you. For the rest of you, welcome back. Although "The Alloy of Law" is still not a Mistborn novel, it IS a Mistborn novel. *see what I did there?*

Its been Three-frigging-Hundred since the events of the Mistborn finale. Kelsier is long gone. And Vin and Elend are now almost a myth or legends (whichever way you see it) Societies have advanced, Science is making rapid progress, there's motor cars and electricity, the old ways are dying out. But there are still Allomancers about.

Quick Flashback : Remember what an Allomancer is? Ofcourse! For the naive, they are people who consumes metals which allows them to do some astounding work. A mistborn who can consume STEEL can push on metals, allowing him to leap, almost-fly, run at break-neck speeds. A mistborn  who consumes pewter can increase his physical attributes. He can make himself stronger, faster, tougher. Someone who can consume cadmium can slow down time. There are lots, I don't need to go on. Read the damn books. Starting from the original trilogy. 

Also to note, a person can consume all the metals and he can just die. An allomancer can burn the metal in his stomach. A coinshot burns steel, he won't be able to burn iron even if he chugged it down his throat with brandy. 

Now, to the book. 300 years later, Allomancers still live and society has progressed. A certain Waxillium Ladrian is a Twinborn {someone who can use metals with his Allomancy and use Feruchemy to change his weight} and he's our Indiana Jones-esque Sherriff of the Roughs. But when he's summoned to the city to fulfil his calling (which is to be a noble, aaarghhh), Wax decides to hang his boots. But a lawman can take off his badge, but he can never take off his sense of duty.

Enter his old pal Wayne. The fun starts here. Wax and Wayne receive news the shipments of Aluminum keep disappearing. Aluminum is fatal to Allomancers *don't roll your eyes, read the books* And when the bandits attack a wedding Wax was attending and kidnaps his almost-fiance, Wax decides to trade his darned-title-he-never-wanted-in-the-first-place for his pistols. And Wax, the ex-lawman goes hunting with Wayne and a certain pretty lady *snickers*

Things get a little too tough when the bad guy they face is almost immortal. And when the truth behind the real reason of hostages become clear, Wax realizes that this war has not even begun. And if he needs to get to the bottom of it, he has to come on top versus the immortal. (which is looking ridiculous at the moment)

Side Notes/
Another #&$%*@&^@&% book from Sanderson. (here the $#$%$! represents praise that I can't seem to put it in words.

If you've read Sanderson before, you know what to expect. A terrific story, a lot of action, some awesome banter and hilarious conversations and an exceptional magical system. New readers of Sanderson, will not feel left out in this book, as this is not a continuation, nor a new first book. It is a standalone. 

But, I would still suggest you to read Mistborn. This magical system was first started THERE!!! I miss copperclouds, tineyes, pewterarms, coinshots, rioters, lurchers *heh! feeling outta your depth again. Go read the books*

To say that Brandon is my favorite author at the moment, would be an understatement. He has incredible imagination! To think that he wrote Mistborn, Elantris, Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker with all different magical systems just blows me away. How is he doing what he is doing??? Oh and there might be two separate trilogies in the world of Mistborn hundreds of years apart. He's also writing for his 10-book epic "Stormlight Archive" and he just finished Robert Jordan's final book "A Memory of Light" which is coming out in Jan, next year *can't wait-can't wait-can't wait*

If you don't love his writing, you probably shouldn't even talk to me.

My Rating - 5/5 stars

PRICE - 350/- INR

P.S| I miss Vin :(

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