Montly Review : April '12


April is over. Less than 2 months for ALOP's birthday :D

First of all introductions. Vivek is here. For the ones who do not know him, he is a reading machine. Yes, if there is one person I envy, its him! why?? I was smug with my 750+ odd books in my personal library until I came to know that Vivek owns for than 7800 books. yes, you heard it right. Burst my pretty bubble indeed :D

Anyway, this guy is awesome. Read his reviews guys. He reads a wide variety of books. Some authors that you probably have not even heard off. So read him, increase your knowledge, it will be helpful. RKP is probably happy that we have someone who reads his tastes. Well, am glad. This will keep him off my back atleast and maybe his attacks on me would be minimum. Anyway, I'm probably going to ask Vivek to excuse himself from the MoM to give you guys a fair chance.

Okay MoM thingy now.

Vivek is the winner as you all know. Hence, he wins a book from the admins. Although I'm at my wits end about what to send him.

Aishwarya, girl am sorry for the delay of your book. You still have a pending book. Arpita and Nimue, your vouchers are pending, I realize. Gimme a couple of weeks to sort that out.

Ahem. Regarding attendance, MSM finally comes back. Yeah, and that too on her birthday month. That's good. Where are the rest of you??? Oh and with 16 reviews in a month, Vivek broke the record held my Freelancer for a long time.

Okay what else? Yeah...where are my admins?? Why am I replying to author requests 3-4 days late? Chalo, koi na. Be back soon. We are going to have another new member in our group. A guy. Finally, this blog is starting to have male members :P

Pssst. Giveaways, come back on 4th May. Keep visiting.


  1. You make "A Guy" sound like...umm, a dish. :P :D

    Yayy I am glad I am back and Vivek's reviews are really good! And the speed! Heaven!! :D :D Well deserved dude! :D :D

  2. congrats vivek! knew it wud b u! :D n i definitely envy u for beating FL's record n owning such a fantastic collection of books! ;)

    FL, i am really sorry i haven't been posting anything lately but my exams got postponed so i'll be gone for some time now. i promise i'll make up for it when i am back. u an take ur time with the hurry. :)

  3. Thank you Arpita and Mystical. It feels so good being here and sharing books I have read. :) I love the fact that there are people who read the way I do. Thanks a lot FL for introducing me to this space.


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