Happy Birthday MSM

the words, that you jot
weaves magic, heals hearts, create storms
on more than a page

Here's to wishing MSM a very happy birthday.


  1. Yayyyyyyyy!!! <3 Thank You Thank You! *Bear Hug* I love the cake and the little poem! :D :D Thank you Admin! :D

  2. A very happy birth anniversary, MSM. May heaven shower you with many books! :-)

    So, what gift do you want me to get you? :-D

  3. @RKP: :D :D Thank you!! :D That wish was great! :D :D

    PS: Can I ask for a Europe tour?? :D :D :D

  4. Happy Birthday sweetie.... <3 :D

  5. @kalpak n.: Huh. Update yourself. :P

    Thank you :)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, queen of chick lit! :D love you, ur sense of humor, n everything u write. here's wishing a great year ahead to d gal with the sunshine smile!!! :D *hugs*

  7. @Arpiiiiiiiiii, my sweetheart!!!! <3 I love you!! Your morning text was so sweet!!!! :D :D :D Thank youuuuu!!! Mwaaah! *Super tight Hug*

    Oh, and thank you for that title of Chick Lit Queen :P :D You know I love to hate it, but can't avoid it! ;) :D :D

  8. happpiiiiieeeeee bday love :)
    Have loads of fun !!!
    n keep reading good :)

  9. :( nobody commented on the lovely lil haiku i wrote :(

  10. the lovely little haiku is 'lovely' FL ;) no, seriously, it's beautiful n very appropriate. :)

  11. @MSM,

    Of course, you can. Whether I grant you the same or not would be another issue, though! :-D

    Meanwhile, I can gift you some great books. What's your preferred ebook format?


    @Nimue: Thank youuuuuuuuuu!! <3 Sweetheart! I missed you! And yes, keep me hooked to reading, lady :D :D Mwaah.

    @FL: Didn't you see, I know it was you! God! :D

    @Arpi: Lovely FL?? :D :D :D Hahahahahaha! Very Beautiful! :D

  13. @RKP: Awww Snap! No Europe Tour?? :D :D Yaaayyyy, okay, books beat Europe! :D :D Anything you like. OMG, You are gifting me... :D :D Thankyou for considering that...and yes, anything you like, I would be glad to read it :D :D

  14. @MSM,

    Sharing books is always an wonderful thing, isn't it so? :-)

    But tell me in which format you would like to read them. PDF, Text format, EPUB, FB2, UMD, LIT?? Just don't say you want hardbacks or paperbacks. :-D

  15. @RKP: First of all, a Hug for you :D :D Second, nothing, nothing beats books, as gifts. *Trip to Italy might* :D

    I love PDFs. :D And no, I won't ask for paperbacks or hardcovers. :D

  16. @MSM,

    Very well said. But why Italy of all places? Who do you want to meet? Umberto Eco? Don't forget to pay my gratitude to Prof Eco! :-D Jokes aside, Italy has always been a place of fascination for art lovers. Personally, I cannot imagine an Italy without Italo Calvino and Umberto Eco.

    I appreciate it, but wouldn't it be a little strange to hug a complete stranger? ha-ha-ha. Never mind! :-)

    It's really fun to send books to strangers. :-D
    You'll get at least a dozen great books, as your birthday gifts, within two days.

  17. @RKP: Honestly, I love Italy only for it's language and food and men :P ;) Actually I don't know much about it, but since childhood, it has fascinated me. Italy and France. France is too sophisticated for my nature :P :D :D

    Hugs are best gifts, even to strangers...depends if jadoo ki jhappi becomes jabran* ki jhappi :D :D :D

    You are sending me books, real mein??? :O Thanks!! :D :D

    *Jabran = Jabardasti


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