A Feast For Crows - George R.R. Martin

A Feast For Crows

Book 4 of 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

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ISBN - 978-0-00-744786-2
PAGES - 849
EDITION - Paperback
GENRE - Fantasy

AUTHOR - George R.R. Martin

BEST-SELLERS - A Game of Thrones

Bloodthirsty, treacherous and cunning, the Lannisters are in power on th Iron Throne in the name of the boy-king Tommen. The war in the seven kingdoms has burnt itself out, but in its bitter aftermath new conflicts spark to life. The Martells of Dorne and the Starks of Winterfell seek vengeance for their dead. Euron Crow's Eye, as black a pirate as ever raised a sail, returns from the smoking ruins of Valyria to claim the Iron Isles. From the icy north, where Others threaten the Wall, apprentice Maester Samwell Tarly brings a mysterious babe in arms to the Citadel. Against a backdrop of incest and fratricide, alchemy and murder, victory will go to the men and women possessed of the coldest hearts.

Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell's grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan's stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of her room. Needle was Jon Snow's smile. He used to mess my hair and call me "little sister", she remembered, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes.

FL Speaks - [this review contains spoilers. I strongly suggest you read the previous books or atleast, their reviews]

A literal pain in the ass for more than half the book. This book focusses on King's Landing and all the politics that comes with it. Too many Cersei and Jaime chapters...infact, more than too many. Brienne seems to be there too as well. Anyway, this book brings back more characters than before. The Greyjoy's has started another rebellion. Once a new king has been chosen, they sail towards King's Landing. Up away in the north, Lord Commander Snow sends Sam and Maester Aemon to Braavos.

The best character of all the previous books, Tyrion, is missing from this one. Also missing is Daeneyrs, the last of the Targaryens. As is said before, politics come to the fore in this book. With the death of Lord Tywin, Cersei is without a Hand of King. As she tries to protect the King in her own scheming ways, his wife plots to make Tommen free off his mother. Neither succeeds for a long time and it feels like you are watching a stupid indian tv soap.

Sansa is at her dead aunt's place. Less pages of her and thankfully, less whining. Arya Stark is, as usual, yet again, on the run. She finally manages to get a ship to Braavos after escaping the clutches of the Hound. Sam Tarwell meets her there and i prayed that they would finally talk and he would take her to the wall to meet her half brother. But no, apparently my dreams do not match with Mr. Martin. The book picks up the pace after halfway. Plots reveal one after another. I feel sad for Brienne as she is killed for something she believed in. Off all the murders in the series, Ned Stark's, Robb's and hers, i condemn the most. Cersei's life may very well be over after she is held captive for sleeping around. Lol. That was the best scene. Serves that slut right! She sends a letter to Jaime asking him to rescue her but he burns it. I have never smiled as much as this before.

Riverrun has fallen. The Starks are gone. But without Bran, Jon Snow, Tyrion, Daenerys and Stannis, this book almost became a challenge for me whether to complete it or not. Mr. Martin, what were you thinking? YOU NEVER LEAVE OUT YOUR BEST CHARACTERS. Also where is Rickon? Lots of unanswered questions and it threatens to burst into the final volume of the series. Will the Starks find each other? Will the dragons bring peace or war? Will the Lannisters survive their incoming doom? What will happen to the Wall when the Others come? So many left unanswered....one final volume to set it all free. CAN'T WAIT!

My Rating - 3.5 stars

PRICE - INR 239/- [Flipkart Price]


  1. how do u manage to read all these series !!! its beyond me :)

  2. patience my dear. and a whole lot of imagination :P

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