Life less lived by Saumya Misra

Life is full of miracles and weird coincidences. Life is unfair at times but have we ever stopped being hopeful about happy endings ?

Life Less lived is a story of a girl who out of kindness , involves her parents in taking care of an old man from streets. They bring him home when he is critically ill and not just help him recover physically but talking to the girl and her family of his past also heals him mentally. The old man is Panna , the eldest son of a village Pradhaan who has always seen and ruled with a steel hand. Panna is the idealistic sort who gets invlolved in a decietful plan of rivalry and hatred between two villages and loses everything in the process. This is a story of how he and his people cope with loss and hopes in their life.

Then there is Rati , Aparna's best friend caught between uncaring parents and more scarred by her greedy mother than the absent father. She has everything money can provide but not the love she craves for and one day she decides to run away from all this. The twist in the story is bit stretched but then the book is generally a hopeful story of miraculous ending.

The novel is a short and sweet read , if you like simple family dramas with happy endings and a lesson thrown in the mix.

My rating : 2.5/5

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