Thoughts on Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

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          Cuckoo's Calling is the first Cormoran Strike Novel.The book,though marketed as a crime thriller,reads more like a character study of it's principal characters-Cormoran Strike,the Afghan war hero-turned-private detective; Robin, his dedicated secretary and assistant and 'Cuckoo' (Lula-the victim),the troubled celebrity.Galbraith's debut work is not your conventional crime thriller with twists and turns happening at regular intervals,has an underdog as it's hero and also takes his own sweet time to settle down,but that doesn't make Cuckoo's Calling less entertaining or boring at any point of time.

         The book traces the life of supermodel Lula Laundry,through the eyes of detective Strike.The whole of Britain might have dismissed her death as a case of suicide,but not her millionaire brother, John Bristow.That's the reason why he turns up in front of the private dick Strike,one chilly morning.Though initially apprehensive to take up this high profile case,Strike relents later owing to Bristow's compulsion and also because of the personal equation which he develops with him(thanks to John's deceased brother Charlie Bristow).

       Some readers might feel that there is more of London darshan than any real investigation happening in the first 150 pages of this book.Well,you can't blame them for that!The reader is repeatedly reminded of Strike's feelings for his ex,Charlotte,but never gets to know the real reason why she dumped him.Likewise,I also felt that Galbraith has stuffed too many twists/surprises towards the fag end of the book.As expected in any detective story,the least expected person is made the culprit in the big climactic revelation.(Frankly speaking,I could guess the murderer midway through the book,but the motive was indeed surprising)

     On the whole,if you have a taste for slow thrillers,you will definitely like Cuckoo's Calling.I liked it.Looking forward to reading it's sequel!


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  1. A very intriguing book, I must say. Thanks for the review.

    Greetings from London.


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