Two for the Heart by Ekta R Garg

(Stories in Pairs is a new series by publisher-turned-author Ekta Garg.The series will essentially feature two novellas which will share two things:a theme and a link.To know more about this series,visit the author's website.This post is going to be a review of the first book in this series)

        The first book in this series,'Two for the Heart' narrates two tales which emphasis the impact of love and it's power to cross boundaries, overcoming all the negative feelings within us.The book opens with 'Proposal' which tells the story of Akshay Mehra and Dr Pooja who are into a marriage of convenience.Akshay's mother is a terminally ill patient and that was the reason why he chose to enter into a wedlock with the famboyant Dr Pooja,though they share nothing in common.Akshay also has a troubled past and the duo are in an agreement to free themselves out of this 'strange arrangement',once his mother succumbs to cancer.'Proposal' is all about their emotional struggles and how they alter their destinies in a positive way.The second story,'Remembrance' is about two sisters,Rose and Helen.Their relationship is on the verge of collapse but that doesn't deter Rose from lending a helping hand to her sister when she needs it, the most.Blood is indeed thicker than water! 

       Ekta's writing is of superior quality.Though the stories are a bit predictable,the emphasis is clearly on the way they have been told.The first one is more of a mature love story between a doctor and a corporate lawyer while the second one portrays the emotional bond between two sisters in a pretty realistic and touching manner.The writing never becomes cheesy or emotionally manipulative which proves that Ekta is indeed a writer to watch out for.There aren't too many characters in either of these stories but that doesn't make these tales dull or boring at any point of time.

      The book has it's own share of flaws though.Some characters felt half-baked and lacked purpose.For instance,in the first story,there is a character named Patrick.The reader never gets to know what kind of a person he really is and only gets the feeling that he is a stalker who is harassing Dr Pooja.Likewise,the situations which made Pooja accept Mehra's proposal to get into their 'strange' agreement is also left un-explained.May be,their characters will recur in the future books in the series,I don't know.

These minor flaws apart,'Two for The Heart' is a decent debut work.Looking forward to the future works by the same author.

Verdict- A decent debut.Rating-3/5

(I received a review copy of this e-book from the author.This post is not a paid review)

Title:Two for Heart
Publisher:Prairesky Publishing
Price:185 INR/-
Author:Ekta R Garg


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