Love was never Mine...

AUTHOR: Kunal Bhardwaj
Genre:  Indian Fiction 
ISBN-13: 9788122311846
PUBLISHER: Cedar Books (an imprint of Pustak Mahal)
PRICE: Rs. 105 (on Flipkart)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Kunal is a strategic research and consulting professional currently working with Genpact Analytics as Assistant Manager. 

"It's said that if you want something wholeheartedly, the universe conspires to bring it to you."

Rahul, a fresh graduate with simple dreams and an uncluttered outlook towards life, falls in love with a confident, sassy, helpful, sweet yet materialistic girl, Shreya, who shares the workspace with him. For Shreya, looks are a priority and everything else comes later. For Rahul, looks are secondary, what matters is the soul of a person.

With his boy-next-door looks, he does not stand a chance with Shreya and he knows that. But he is still confident he would be able to win her love, because he firmly believes in himself and the universe. This book follows Rahul's sacrificial and emotional voyage to win Shreya's love. Will Shreya ever realise the enormous amount of unconditional love blossoming inside Rahul? Will love eventually find its destiny?

Sometimes, the universe may not pay heed to your desires, sometimes, it just may.

Set in the backdrop of a corporate set-up, the story swiftly explores different human emotions such as love, pain, loneliness, betrayal, friendship, etc., somewhere buried deep within all of us.

If you ever fell in Love, this book is for you all; dedicated to the purest thing in the world called "Love".

SWARNALI SPEAKS: (This is the less ruder version of my original post. Prachi,the author's cousin-this is for you,hope you find this not so offensive and thanks for pointing it out to me. No offence to you or your cousin,I totally respect him as a person but the book was something I really didn't like. Am sorry,I can't help that.)

Got this book from the author after I won a giveaway at a blog. The title of the book is quite self-explanatory,I think books should have titles which don't speak the entire plot,something should be left for the readers to read and find out. I wonder why do authors name their chapters,reading just the name of every chapter tells you what is inside. For example-
1)The Meeting
2)The Heartbreak
3)Love is forgiving
Do I need to say more??

Here are a list of errors with the book that I found-
1)Grammatical errors,all kinds possible. The narrative which begins in a past tense suddenly goes into the present continuous mode without rhyme or reason! 
2) Full of errors of Language i.e. the typically wrong English that most Indians make in everyday conversations like "I was telling you that only!! (no that is not from the book but the book does have such erroneous use of English ) .
3) Terribly weak plot and whats with the end?? Sorry,I didn't get it!!
4) Very contradictory stuff stated in the book. For one,Rahul who is all for spiritual love and hates people who bring love to the physical is first of all enthralled by Shreya's good looks and does not forget to mention how good she "looks" every time she wears an off-shoulder dress or top!! 

Well,the language is quite simple and easy to understand. This is a book which calls for a light read for a break from the regular serious books we read everyday.

MY RATING: 1.5/5


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)
    I was really happy about.
    Wanna follow each other?


  2. Thats one review coming straight from the heart. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have this title in my collection. Ordered it from FK based on high ratings too. Will not pick it up now, unless I have read all other books pending in my list.

  3. ouch !
    thts all I can say ..
    I pity wastage of precious time on such crap some times..

  4. @Pulkit_You had better give the book off to someone who loves reading these crappy books!!
    @Nimue_I agree!!

  5. I guess thats a veru rude way to talk about the efforts put in by someone. That too when you have received it from the author himself.

    I know him personally, he is my cousin. And I know how much pain he took to write those 144 odd pages.

    And by the way, it was not even written to make people read it. He just wrote it with a purpose. Don't like it, don't read it. I liked it.

    By the way, you did not mention, "the style of writing" and language used. Honestly, it was way better than much of the Indian books I have read. Read some Shrishti books. U'll come to know.

    Whatever you say, I must say you are very rude in putting your opinions forward.

  6. @Prachi_Am sorry,I didn't mean to be offensive to anybody and I do understand that your cousin took great trouble writing this. Am sorry my dislike for the book came out much more caustic than it was meant. I changed the post a bit,hope you find this acceptable.

  7. Dear Prachi,he's your like it..good for you...

    the lady who reviewed it, didn't like it and its her job to give an honest review and she did it...

    You have my blessing to write a good review, singing praises for your cousin wherever you want. I'm sure people will read that too

    I don't like authors or persons close to authors telling us how to do our job. And seriously, if you cannot accept criticism, you're setting a bad example.



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