No Guns at my Son's funeral by Paro Anand

Synopsis: Aftab, a young Kashmiri boy, leads a double life. By day, he is a normal, bubbly teenager whose prime concerns are cricket, family and friends. The night holds the secrets of the life of a child who sneaks away to confabulate with Akram and his fledgling group of tearaway terrorists. Akram—so handsome, so exciting. But what Aftab doesn’t realise—so dangerous. Aftab is in complete awe of Akram and is willing to follow him to the end of the earth. And Akram is more than willing to send him there.


The bile rose in the boy's throat too. He hated his tongue for the lies it had wagged. He was heartsick with the things he had been forced to say. But if he hadn't there would have been blood. Blood. His blood everywhere. Shrieks throbbed through Aftab's brain. Then he could taste blood. His blood.

Nimue Says: 
As the synopsis reads, the book tells us the tale of Aftab, set against the militancy in Kashmir. the story having a predictable plot is written with enough twists and such a raw feel to it that makes this one a good read. But more than that, it makes you see the plight of Kashmiri people and the Army stationed there. It is so easy to brainwash a child and as difficult for anyone else to detect it. Parents, siblings, Police .. who can be really blamed for the action of a young kid ? If the militant organizations recruiting are blamed, are they ever easily punished ? How do we make people immune to such "deadly games" as the books refer this militancy as. The book might not offer much answers but it is a good beginning to wonder about all these.

A must read for all adults and kids too.

Ratings:  5/5

Other Details:

 Price : 195/-


  1. very well written. reviews should be brief and catchy and you made it.

  2. added to my flipkart cart!
    planning to gift this to my elder brother :)
    knows how much we would love reading this one!!

  3. Ordered this one last night for him :) as planned

  4. you will love this sure Pulkit .. hope your brother finds it interesting too ..

  5. thanks for the kind words aish :)

  6. Wow,that was a great review,crisp and to the point (Wondering why I can't write such short reviews :\)
    Adding this to my wishlist... :D

  7. @Swarnali : I m just lazy to type longer I think :D so have to cover all in as less lines possible !!

  8. wow! this looks good..u have this knack of finding great indian books. all i find is durjoy datta lookalikes

  9. haha .. those r the ones I totally avoid. even at the risk of missing occassional good one ..

  10. This goes to my wishlist.There are a very few indian authors who write realistically and this one looks just the kind! A short and crisp review I must say.

  11. love d title; this is bound to be good! :)


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