The Colour of Law- Mark Gimenez

Author: Mark Gimenez

A. Scott Fenney is a Dallas corporate lawyer in the prime of his life. Raking in $ 750,000 a year, with a beautiful house, a beautiful wife and an adored daughter, life could not be better. But when a rich senator's son dies in mysterious circumstances, Fenney is asked by the federal judge to put his air-conditioned lifestyle on hold to defend the accused: a black, heroin-addicted prostitute.
Scott believes in justice- but is his belief strong enough to withstand the loss of everything he holds dear - his salary, his lifestyle, his wife, his child?

"Now, that story(refering to "To kill a Mockingbird")  took place in Alabama in the thirties- in a different time and a different world, back when the color or law was black-and-white. But our story is taking place seventy years later, in Dallas, Texas. The world's a different place today, things have changed- not everything and not everywhere and not enough, but in our courts of law things have surely changed. Judges have changed. Juries have changed. The color or law has changed. It's no longer black-and-white. My former senior partner told me that the color or law is now green. Today, he said, the rule of law is money. Money rules. And he's right. Lawyers use the law to make money, politicians sell the law to special interests for money, people sue each other for money. Everywhere in the law, it's all about money- except one place. Right there where you are sitting, in that jury box. You're not here for money. You're here for the truth."

Maithili Speaks:
A Scott Fenney is too busy making money to live that perfect life. He was the poor child on the block while growing up. He went on to become a football star and then the star partner of his firm. He was a winner who left no stone unturned. From padding, to making clever negotiations, it was all about making money. But back home he is a faithful husband and adoring Daddy. 
When he makes a speech to impress the federal judge Buford, he has little idea of the hope he gave the judge. He is appointed as the lawyer of a black prostitute accused of murdering the Senator's son. The Senator is running to become the President and to make matter worse, Scott's senior partner- Dan is the Senator's lawyer!! 
To keep his clients, his beautiful house and his wife, Scott will have to take up the case and lose it. But Scott has never given up a game. But will he agree to give up on the life of a black prostitute just because she isn't a playing client? Is he ready to pay the cost of standing for the right with his perfect life and his wife?  

The book draws a parallel with my all time favorite- Harper Lee's To kill a Mockingbird. A. Scott has been inspired by his mother's narration of this book at bedtime. A.Scott has to stand up for all that Atticus did. A good read, not so much for the legal thrill but for that conscience pricking of a lawyer. Of a father. 

The book is also followed by another book "Accused", based on the events following 2 years after this book. The book Accused is reviewed HERE

Rating: 4/5

Price: Rs 295/-


  1. I like this one. he sure can give Grisham a run for his money. There is something fascinating about legal thrillers

  2. @FL : I totally agree with you! He's as good as Grisham :)

  3. @FL : I totally agree with you! He's as good as Grisham :)


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