We all love them. [at least the ones who visit and write in this blog]

And everyone of us has an opinion about a book.


We review what we read. If you don't like it, fine with us. WE ARE NOT PAID TO PROMOTE YOUR BOOK.

A certain so-called-cousin of an author recently commented that she didn't like one of the reviews. Well, you can kiss my pretty flat ass!

Without naming any names, let me remind you that what we do, we do on our own. If we like it, we will praise the book. If we don't, we will give a scathing review. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Its not that the Presidents of the various countries listen to every word we write and stop a book from publication.

Again, without naming anyone, let me remind you that you can stop reading us anytime you want.

For all the wonderful writers, you guys are awesome. You can take a negative review and not mind at all. Its your close friends and acquaintances who lack the brains! (occasionally)

I want to thank all of you authors for giving us the chance, time and again, to read and review your book. I want to thank all the contributors of the blog for writing an honest review everytime. You make me proud.

We will continue to keep doing just that. Honest reviews is what you expect from us and we'll never disappoint you.

Keep reading us. Keep an open mind. In the end, its you who decides to read a book, not us or our words.

Keep reading, keep sending recommendations, keep up the good work.

To all authors, you guys are awesome.

That's it. Over and Out.

P.S| No one bosses my people around!


  1. Ooooooh! the heat is pretty much On here! ;)

  2. hahaha .,...
    yes. i feel like laughing !!!
    if you ask me .. both that comment and this post needs to be deleted ASAP !
    thats all ..


  3. or maybe .. leave the comments .. jsut get the original review back please .. the new one looks forced.. and this post wasnt needed Mr ADMIN ! We still stand proud of what we write in the review !

  4. this is just a reminder for anyone who thinks that they can force us to write a review according to their whims

  5. I am setting a bad example, and you are setting a good example here! Right?

    I just said that the way to communicate your views was very rude. Neither anyone asked me to say so, nor I am forcing you to do so.

    And am really amazed at your childish response.

    My mistake. I interfered. I should not have. Its same like u also not taking criticism in the right way.

  6. Baaaaaaaaaap re ...hoya kya?
    Makes me wanna be one of the reviewers too :P
    And chill pill who cares what other thinks...u have all rights to ur view :D

  7. I agree with Prachi to some extent !

  8. apologies...

    i guess i over-reacted.

    next time a review conflicts with your opinion, be the smart one and just say 'you liked the book' instead of pointing out to the reviewer that they shouldn't write review this particular way.

    I've no beef with you, just with your comment. With that, i bid you a good day

  9. FL - Prachi! *shake hands u two* peace up!!

  10. OH MY GAWD!! This wasn't what I expected.PLEASE DELETE THIS ONE. This is really embarrassing.
    I was the one who was wrong in giving an over-sarcastic review. NO offense to anybody whatsoever. Prachi, please do not get offended by this,FL doesn't mean to hurt you or your cousin's feelings,it was just said defensively.
    I accept I should have been milder,so please let us get all this hatred removed from the system.

  11. Incredible!

  12. I read the said review and the comment yesterday and I agree with FL that we do no get paid to read books even if they are handed out by the authors themselves. So it is an unbiased review. Reviewer has the independence to express his/her view.

  13. "omg this is so embarrassing"- swarnali, u really r adorable! if every1 has the freedom of expression then i suggest that both the reviewers and the people who comment have d right to say what they like- however they like. or we could all just try to be nice to each other and put across r views a little more politely. :D but really, i agree that it wud b better to delete this post n i liked swarnali's original review better. :)


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