Review: The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez

The Happy Ever After Playlist The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The book does not just have Playlist in its name but actually, each chapter has a song dedicated to it, let me share the playlist first [ thanks to the readers who collated it on YT & Spotify :)


I am not a pet person but if a huge dog adopts a human in the opening chapter, chances are I will love the book, and I LOVED this one. 

There's text flirting , tricking ( or begging) for a date , first meet butterflies and so many surprises in the first quarter of the book that I was hooked to this one immediately. Its sweet , hilarious , kind and all sort of warm feels in most of the chapters. 

Sloan is neither the impulsive type, not the one to shy away from a potential lover even with her baggage. She is strong enough to attempt to sort her past feelings before taking a chance with this musician man , owner of the before mentioned dog and someone who also happens to be her savior in her unhappy days. It was so amazing to see her coming out of her shell and picking her life once again. 

Jason is almost the perfect man for a rom-com, if only he had not messed up in the second half  of the book [ which I will come to in just a bit ]. He is kind, funny, patient , he writes & sings his own songs, owns the most adorable fun dog and has a really awesome family & family home. The way he adores Sloan and convinces her to take a chance on him was one of the best chapters of this book. 

But after all this, the way he treats his love life and without considering the hurt, decides on his own to cut off Sloan from his life , I am no fan , frankly, of this part. I absolutely dislike this behave by any fictional character who takes sole decisions and rather than to be logical and true to their heart, decide to live in pain before someone or fate brings them together again. 

Thank goodness for amazing friends, support system and kind strangers who help these fools to patch up. And Sloan has really great friends in Kristen & Josh [ I just read that they are the leads from author's first book - the Friend Zone , also the first book in this universe ]

Overall this was a really enjoyable quick weekend read. I heard the first few chapters in audiobook and later switched to kindle version and I enjoyed it both ways. Do give this book a chance and also to the playlist [ which is just too beautiful ] 

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