Review: Love, Truth, and Taking Chances by Shilpa Suraj

Love, Truth, and Taking Chances My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read Love, Marriage & other disasters by Shilpa (LMD) in the month of May and the moment I finished the book, I wanted to have a book for the character Arjun from that book. And luckily Shilpa decided to write a trilogy on the Kapoor Brothers - Vivaan (LMD), Arjun (LTTC) & Arav (currently being written)

A heads up that it will be definitely more interesting if you read the books in order because the characters re-appear and without their background, it won't be as much fun.

In LMD, Arjun is the one who convinces Alisha to chose love over anything else society has a say in and accept Vivaan's proposal. Love, Truth & Taking chances (LTTC) is the story of Arjun and how he finds love again in his life. Arjun lost his wife to cancer three years ago and while he has met some prospective matches at his mother's insistence, he is truly not ready to move on. In such a walled world, walks in Vihaana - the bundle of friendly smiles, dreams, and a personality so opposite Arjun's. Under this strong exterior, she hides her troubles that she has run away from and I really admired her so much for having the courage to pursue her dreams in spite of facing uncertainties. 

I had a lovely time reading LTTC and meeting all these adorable characters ( some old, some new). Their group conversations were such fun and one could really feel the love and respect each one had for the others. Shilpa has such a brilliant way to make the stories have a heart and still feel so light, hopeful, and very happy in the end. Arjun & Vihaana together face the realities of a future that might not be an easy road but that love makes it worth it. Bonus points for meeting Arav's love interest in this book and I can not wait to read the next book already.

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