Regional: Selfie by Selma

                        'Selfie' is a collection of memoirs by Selma.Written in a very simple, yet interesting manner, the book is also a commentary on the many social issues which we have witnessed in the last couple of years or so. In this book, Selma also pens down the interesting events which happened in her personal and professional life and the foreign travels which she has embarked upon till date.The debut writer is successful to a very large extend ,in airing her thoughts interestingly.Her positive approach towards life is also pretty evident in her writing.The reader also get to know that she is a very updated and open minded,fun loving,cinephile human being with very liberal values. On the downside, the book doesn't offer anything new in terms of knowledge or narrative style. At times, while reading the social issues mentioned in the book, the reader gets the feeling that he/she is just going through a collage of the news paper headlines of the past couple of years or so.The author hasn't really bothered to go into the intricate details of the issues being discussed, rather she has only brushed through the issues in an albiet topical manner. Also, there isn't anything that is too intriguing or eventful in this memoir.

On the whole, I'm going with a 2.6 out of 5 for this book.


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