Review: The Blossom Twins (Detective Natalie Ward #5) by Carol Wyer

The Blossom Twins The Blossom Twins by Carol Wyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have always liked the stories about serial killer and more so when the case seem to kick some dust from the past that is already hurting the lead investigator. ther eis nothing like watching the person finding his/her sense of peace in the end. This book was a bittersweet end in that terms.

The story starts with murder of a teenage girl who had gone to a concert with her sister. Though the case is considered as a new case , something about it feels so off to DI ward. soon, there is another case of twin sisters disappearing from their backyard and it is no longer a different case but something that is so similar to that one case in the past that has always bothered Detective Natalie Ward even when she put the killer behind bars. She has always wondered if he had an accomplice or she let the real killer go free. Now , she has to face all these doubts and questions again while working hard to solve both the new cases.

I really liked the cast of the book and the lead lady DI ward more than the story here. A mother of two teenagers  who is struggling with breaking out of her marriage and a high profile case , her character shines throughout the book. The plot is really good and the references to one of her old case was enough to keep me engaged. The back story that runs in parallel was well placed but I felt the climax was a little off. The clues about what happened or was going to happen became a little obvious before we reached the point , but the writer had one last twist to play that really shocked me. It was heartbreaking in the end , either way you look at it. Overall a good read and something that could be read even in middle of the series but I really want to read the first books of this series now to know more about Natalie Ward. She is one kickass heroine in my opinion !

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