Review: The Speaking Stone by Ratnadip Acharya

The Speaking Stone
by Ratnadip Acharya
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The Speaking Stone by Ratnadip Acharya
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11th to 17th November

We all have heard stories from our grandparents or neighbors or random people about some of the little known places in our country or even state. If I think, I can at least recall one such story about the place I grew up in. And then there are the historical facts about every place. Imagining knowing such stories from a wonderfully written fiction book in a way that you end up feeling so familiar with the place and wanting to go there someday.

The speaking stone starts in Mumbai and introduces us to Saikat and one will immediately like this character. He comes across an interesting stone with a partial inscription on its back and gets obsessed with knowing its story and origin. Next, we meet Suvashini a historian whose search for a topic for her PhD, leads her to a mysterious book about a little known town. On a whim, to know more as the book disappears, she decides to visit the town and learn more about the history of the place. This quest leads them both to Tripura and particularly to Unakoti as they get engrossed in the story that the stones have to tell.

In parallel, we get to know the story of the people and the kingdom of Agartala in the 1900s as it was being written and played out in various emotions. soon both the stories seem to be a mirror image of each other and yet with their own drama and discoveries. The roots of these stories gave birth to the fantastical mystery in the current era and a befitting end for the star crossed lovers.

I enjoyed this story and the adventure a lot. The language was simple to follow, without any regional references and the interactions were very natural and easy flowing. I adored Saikat's character and would like reading another of his adventures again. I would have liked a little more depth to Suvashini's character since she had a great beginning in the story.

Overall a very enjoyable and informative book.

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Ratnadip Acharya is the author of two successful novels, Life is Always Aimless... Unless you love it
and Paradise Lost & Regained. He is a columnist for the Speaking Tree in The Times of India. He contributed many write-ups in different collections of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Sophia, and son, Akash.

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