Trials Of Truth: India's LandMARK Criminal Cases by Pinky Anand

                             Trials of Truth :India's Landmark Cases is a work of non fiction co-written by Pinky Anand, senior advocate at the Supreme Court of India which discusses some of the landmark cases in the history of independent India. The book also attempts to look at the different facets of human criminal mind which might have instigated these gruesome crimes.
                   Nanavati Case, Jessica Lal Murder , Tandoor Murder, the infamous Billa-Ranga Case, Priyadarshini Mattoo Murder, Rajeev Gandhi homicide,Cyanide Mallika, Nithari Killings,Nirbhaya Case,Terrorist attacks of 26/11 all find it's place in this book.Each chapter opens with the author's opinion on the circumstances, the description of the crime itself and it's aftermath.For those readers who are hearing about these cases for the very first time, this book is undoubtedly a must read.
                  The basic problem with this book is that all the cases which are discussed in this work have been in the public domain for quite long and it doesn't help that the book seldom rises above their detailed wikipedia entries which anyone can access free of cost. The author hasn't really tried to give a lawyer's (insider) perspective to these cases either.However as I mentioned before, for the non discerning reader who is perhaps hearing about these cases for the very first time, this one is indeed a must buy.The language is pretty simple and at just about 200 pages or so, this work is not a very lengthy read by any stretch of imagination! I'm giving this a 2.75 out of 5.


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