I yaam a Rajini fan by Devnath

I have watched only one or two rajini movies but having stayed in South for sone years I have heard and seen the craze and love people have for him and his movies. Most of bollywood stars too have their share of fandom but the respect and loyalty Rajini fans shower on him is unparalleled.

So when a book is written on a fan , it is both a reflection on the star and also his influence on a life so far different and seat from his world. That's a story this book delivered with such a charm that it's so endearing through out. I did not feel outside my comfort at all even if the story was in a remote village or talked of movies I have no clue of. I felt the elation , love , disappointment and the way it felt like magic and cosmic connection with Rajini for the central character. It made me think of the movies I count as milestones in my life. No Indian is without his share of love for its movie stars. That is the reason most of the readers would be able to instantly like and relate to the book. In the mix of Rajini movies and life in Tamil Nadu generally , the book has covered the life of a regular boy growing through school , crushes, wins , losses and learning to survive in life. This is a everyday tale sung so beautifully.

Simple writing and good editing makes the story flow smoothly. I totally enjoyed this book.

4/5 stars. 

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