Review: Aqson Level I by Sreejib

Aqson Level I

Genre : Mythology , Thriller ,
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started this book casually one day while in flight and before I knew I had reached my destination and I hated that I had to stop reading.

Aqson is a game played between Lucifer and God to claim each other's weapons and for general winning over each other, till next game. This particular game is for 30 years and the goal is to become the PM of the country, India . ( Ok, please accept it as fiction and move on)

The book starts setting the stage with this and then jumps 20 years ahead where Lucifer has declared his weapon - Yuvrani , pathos who is the youngest party chief of the ruling party and daughter of the current PM , along her angel Vanraj.  God is yet to make a move, and even when his team's angel Job ( why that name , I wonder ) makes an appearance in Kolkata, his weapon Life is no where in picture for most of the book. Interesting and wait when this mystery gets solved ..

Since the game is set in political context , we meet a lot of political players , see the rise of a student party and how it changes the political face of the state and country too. The author knows how to make the political scene relevant and not over preachy. I wish some of the youth is indeed working on the ideas discussed in the book. Meanwhile , don't forget that the game is on and how !

The writing is full of humor and I was actually laughing in some of the scenes. The political discussion was a brilliant part in my opinion. So was the bonding between the people behind the Student party and their interactions with each other are so fun.

I loved the way the author established the back story , the technology and the powers of Angels involved in the games. This is a very fresh take on mythology genre and a welcome break from the books that have flooded the literature scene in recent years. This helped me keep my faith in Indian fiction writing.

The plot , the characters , the build up and the twists in this book are superb !! I Can not wait for the next part.

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